Simplified Package Xiaomi MiBand Smart Bracelet Fitness

13 Mar 2015

Xiaomi miband started out making its own custom version of Android, MIUI. Then it started making phones. Now, just 4 years on from first existing as a company there is a whole range of other products you can buy besides phones. A tablet, earphones, battery packs, routers, and even a fitness band.
It’s the last of those that we have here. The Xiaomi MiBand. The official price in China translates to $13 in the U.S. which, however you choose to look at it, is an insanely low price for a device in this category. But is it any good?
Read on to find out.
The hardware
Xiaomi MiBand

There’s really not much to the hardware from the outside. You get that impression immediately upon opening the box. This is no smartwatch pretending to be a fitness tracker, or a fitness tracker pretending to be a smartwatch. There’s no controls, no display. Just a band and a silver dongle with three LEDs on its outer face.
The band is made of silicon which while not particularly flashy does mean the MiBand is very comfortable to wear. It’s adjustable, too, in the same way a watch band would be from the very small wrist right up to the not so small. It does mark quite easily, but they’re interchangeable at least. So if it gets too damaged, there’s a bunch of different colors to replace it with. There’s also supposed to be a leather band, but if you ever see one of those for sale, make sure you send me the link.
As for the dongle, there’s nothing to it, really. Black on the rear, aluminum on the front and on the button/clasp and three LEDs within. It charges via the pins on one end which dock into the proprietary charger. It’s an idea to keep that charger safe, too, since you won’t be using it that often and it’s certainly small enough to lose. It’s also IP67 rated, so don’t worry about taking it off when you get in the shower.
Xiaomi MiBand battery
Inside, the MiBand houses a paltry sounding 41mAh battery. But numbers don’t tell the story as Xiaomi claims 30 days battery life and you know what? They’re not lying. I’ve not worn this one long enough to test that fully, but after 10 days there was still 74% of the battery remaining. And that’s outstanding.

The MiBand isn’t the sort of device that you’re going to spend more than a couple of minutes setting up and adjusting. It’s a strap it on and forget about it kind of device. Just take it off once a month to charge the battery.




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